Business Coaching and How It Has Evolved Over the Years

Uncategorized / April 13, 2023

Business coaching is a hot topic right now, as Justin Cobb knows all too well. People in all industries have realized that seeking guidance is not a sign of weakness. “With the right coaching, I help people reach their potential, which is always incredible to see,” he says. “Coaching is a growing industry, especially in the European market where opportunities abound.”

But how did business coaching become a ‘thing’? This is where it gets really interesting, Justin says. 

Coaching has its roots in psychology and social science, but it wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that people started placing importance on things like training, motivating employees, and how organizations were structured. 

“The first management consultants came on the scene at the start of the last century,” Justin says.  “This was when Freud began to delve into the world of psychology, and many of the teachings from that time influence how we coach people today.”

Behaviorism led to a split in the world of psychology and things like cognitive psychology and Gestalt psychology came to prominence. The humanist movement in the 60s taught employers that employees needed to be treated properly, and by the 70s, executive coaching became an intrinsic part of the business world. 

“Business coaching really took off in the 1980s, especially in terms of developing leadership skills, which is something I spend a lot of time doing today. In 1992, a famous book written by Sir John Whitmore, about the GROW coaching model, made a massive contribution to how business coaching developed. This one is still on my bookshelf today!”

These days, most larger organizations know they can’t ignore the benefits of business coaching. A business coach helps strengthen the people in positions of authority and can ensure the company progresses in the right direction. 

Justin tends to work with young entrepreneurs rather than in the corporate sector, but the same principles apply. “My leadership and entrepreneurship academy coaches the leaders of tomorrow. We help them reach their potential so they can make the most of the opportunities they find. I feel there is a lot of untapped potential out there, and business coaching can help reveal and nurture it.”

While psychology provides a sound basis for business coaching, experience is even more important. Business coaches and mentors like Justin Cobb use the vast amount of experience they have in building successful businesses to help others reach their goals. It’s called paying it forward.

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