Here Are the Best Tips for Advancing in Your Career

Uncategorized / March 2, 2023

As both an entrepreneur and a marketing expert, Justin Cobb has spent many years working with job applicants in his role as a recruitment specialist. He explains that “Recruiting qualified applicants is one and the same as marketing for new clients. It’s all about reaching the right people at the right time.” With that said, he also seeks to impart the best tips for advancing careers in literally any field.

“The very first thing I advise job applicants to do when preparing for their life’s career is to perhaps seek a mentor. This would be someone who has been successful in their field, and not necessarily in the same industry as the recruit.” Although Justin knows that a mentor in the same field would most likely be the best option, he also understands that the road to success in most industries is built on the same foundation.

“Once you set your sights on a career that interests you, keep those interests laser focused. Along with that, it is important to always be one step ahead. As you identify and begin working on one role within your industry, you might want to begin thinking about where this will take you next,” he explains. Justin often uses the example of an LPN who can do many of the same tasks and carries much of the same responsibilities as an RN, but “the pay is so much higher and with a degree as an RN you can go on to getting a master’s degree or doctorate in the field, where career options are virtually unlimited.”

Networking is also important if you are seeking to advance your career. Not only does this open the door to building a client base in many industries but “Networking also helps you to build a list of professional contacts who might just be instrumental one day in offering you the job of your dreams.”

As one final tip, Justin Cobb believes wholeheartedly in the power of building your personal brand. “Just like many of the global corporations rose to the top of their industry on their brand so, too, can you. Here is something else a marketing team or your mentor can guide you in. They may see something unique in you that you have yet to realize. What makes you stand out from the competition? Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a new company or a professional seeking the perfect job, your brand is how you will set yourself apart from the competition.”

These tips, taken in steps, can be the catalyst to launch a stellar career and that is something Justin Cobb is well familiar with on a personal as well as a professional level.

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