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You may spend upwards of 50 hours a week at your desk and think that you couldn’t possibly do any more for your company – but have you considered just how much of that time is actually being mentally present at work? All too often we judge time by quantity not quality, and it may well be the case that you are only physically present a lot of the time. Justin Cobb agrees saying, ‘Being mentally present at work is a skill in itself and it is one that is harder to master than you may think.’

Entrepreneur and public speaker Justin Cobb thinks that it’s high time we started measuring the time we spend being mentally present at work as opposed to physically present. He says, ‘We are all programmed to count the amount of hours that we spend at work, but those that are truly passionate about their job never really switch off. It’s about being there in mind, body and spirit and showing the world just how focused they are on their end goal.’ Justin Cobb thinks that with a few tweaks we could all increase the amount of time that we spend being mentally present at work, and he has given us these two tips to get us started:

Tip 1 – Exercise regularly

Justin thinks that one of the biggest blocks to our creativity is lack of exercise. Not getting enough exercise makes it very hard to feel mentally present at all. You will catch yourself daydreaming at your desk, and twiddling your thumbs during meetings. If you are too tired to concentrate your colleagues will mistake this for you not caring. Ensuring that you exercise 3-5 times a week, you will be far more alert, active and driven throughout your working day.

Tip 2 – Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks really helps to keep your concentration levels up. Even a 5 minute walk around the office once an hour is enough to wake your body up a bit. Make sure you take a proper lunch break too – you’ll head back to your desk feeling revived and ready to hit the ground running again. Spending too much time in one place can batter your concentration levels and you will become unproductive.

Justin Cobb makes a living from speaking to and engaging with fellow entrepreneurs, giving inspiration talks and helping business people make the most of their ideas.

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