Latest Trends in the Recruitment Industry

Uncategorized / April 6, 2023

The recruitment industry has experienced a lot of turbulence in the last 12 months, thanks to political instability and a cost-of-living crisis. Despite this, explains Justin Cobb, the industry has also enjoyed a lot of success. Many recruitment agencies are now looking ahead, so if you are hoping to take your firm to the next level, Justin says it’s important to be aware of the latest industry trends.

“What’s been apparent in the last year is that all the doom and gloom forecasts have not come to pass at all. A lot of people were telling me the recession would cause the industry problems, but we haven’t seen that at all. Justin says, “The difference is that unemployment is low, and many companies are struggling to recruit enough staff to fill vacant positions.” 

“Some industries, like hospitality, are in a real bind. Many of them laid off all their staff during the pandemic and now they can’t find anyone to step back into the roles because all those people went out and found new jobs, often in different industries.”

Justin says recruiters need to focus on flexibility going forward. “Candidates are increasingly telling me they want flexibility in their jobs. Younger people especially are more likely to be interested in a role where they can work flexible hours or work from home some of the time.” It’s all about the work-life balance. 

Another important trend to be aware of, says Justin, is that recruiters must think outside the box when searching for suitable candidates. “Look at a wider pool of candidates if you are struggling to fill a vacancy. Build a talent pool and keep searching for people with the skills you need now, as well as skills you may be looking for in the future.”

Justin advises recruiters to make the most of the talent pool on offer via LinkedIn. He recommends recruiters work at building an audience on the site, to build useful relationships. 

One area that can pay dividends for recruiters is problem-solving. “If you can home in on what a client really needs, whether they are searching for the ideal candidate or the perfect job, this will make a huge difference to the final outcome.”

Recruiters that can demonstrate their authority to clients and candidates will outshine the rest. This is how Justin Cobb has found success in the industry.  

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