Much-Needed Tips to Handle Burnout

Uncategorized / March 16, 2023

As any successful entrepreneur can readily tell you, burnout is one of the biggest obstacles they encounter on the road to success. In fact, many will admit that until they learned to recognize the symptoms, they continued struggling on what seemed like a perpetual treadmill with no way off. Once it became clear that they were suffering from the repercussions of job-related burnout, it was possible to treat, and yes, cure the issue. This is the point when that painful uphill battle began to level off with amazing results. They began to see success after success because they recognized the stumbling blocks and were able to circumnavigate them.

So, what were these stumbling blocks? According to Justin Cobb, a successful entrepreneur in his own right with many wins along the way, “The first thing you are likely to encounter is sheer exhaustion. Most of us make the mistake of trying to battle our way through it, but that can be a huge mistake. Why do you think you are advised not to operate a motor vehicle when you are overtired? Our reflexes are slower and we are likely to miss spotting a person or animal in the road in front of us.”

Justin goes on to explain that this is exactly what happens to us when we are simply burnt out. Instead of taking a hiatus, no matter how brief, we struggle against whatever issue we are having. “It’s at that point that you don’t recognize opportunities when they are directly in your path and that’s where you lose the chance to succeed. In hindsight, you can diagnose what went wrong but right now, you’ve let the opportunity pass you by.”

Going a step further, Justin says, “The real problem begins when we are unwilling to accept help when it’s out there. I often suggest to those I am mentoring that the very best thing they’ve done thus far is to recognize the need for a mentor in the first place. This is someone who has reached a level of success and are able to take an objective view of what you are doing. Actually, a mentor doesn’t even need to be knowledgeable about your field! We are there to help you succeed within your industry, no matter what it is, because just like that vehicle mentioned above, we are all powered by the same fuel.”

What Justin means is that until you can handle your own body and psyche, the road to success is long and difficult – if attainable at all. You simply can’t operate with no fuel. Perhaps the best advice you can be given is to step back long enough to find a mentor. They surely recognize the symptoms of burnout and can help you devise ways to avoid it on your own personal journey toward success.

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