Justin Cobb and His Team Back from a Day of Work and Play in Chicago

Global / May 12, 2016

Recently Justin Cobb and his team were invited to spend 2 days with one of their illustrious clients headquartered in the Windy City. Not only did the team spend time going over product and strategy changes but they got to get in a bit of fun and were rewarded in a special way by seeing the home team win at a Cubs game they got to attend. Justin Cobb was thrilled with the win but also by the fact that this win is indicative of just what it is that he and his team do for their clients every day of the week.

“We are often asked what makes us so successful in business,” Justin Cobb explains when asked about his team, “and I like to tell people that we are successful simply because we are what you are questioning about, a team. We work together with a single-minded goal of building brand and loyalty for our clients and have learned to move forward as a single unit, a team in the true sense of the word.”

What Justin Cobb explained is that the win was just the thing to keep his team and his client motivated to push forward together to make things happen. The win at the Cubs game was an example of just how far teamwork can carry you towards success. Whether playing offense or defense, it is the team that wins or loses the game, not a single player acting alone. “Yes, a player may get the coveted MVP award,” Justin notes, “but without a team behind him, there would have been no award. Baseball is a team sport that relies on each man doing his job and when each player literally steps up to the bat, that’s when things begin to happen.”

The term ‘stepping up to the bat’ is one of Justin Cobb’s favorite expressions when it comes to teamwork. He feels that each member has a role to play and each will be given their turn at bat. Each may be rewarded personally but at the end of the day, it is the team who scores the win. Justin Cobb says, “One team player may get the MVP award but that player also recognizes that he didn’t get there alone. This is why I love to bring my team to the ballgame. It’s just one more reminder that there is nothing we can’t conquer if we work together.”

And that’s what sets Justin Cobb and his team apart from others in the industry, a true team mentality with a single-minded goal to excel at whatever it is they are tasked with doing. Congratulations on a job well done team Justin Cobb!


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