Justin Cobb Announce Strategies for Customer Loyalty

Uncategorized / March 24, 2016

In order to truly prosper with a given audience, there is an absolute need to generate customer or brand loyalty. Not only do these dynamics ensure repeat business for a brand, but it can also be an excellent way in which to generate additional publicity through search, email and social media. Marketing firms and agencies’ primary goal should be to endear shoppers and consumers to the clients that each represents, ensuring that brand investment in marketing generates true long-term value. Justin Cobb announced recently to his clients how customer loyalty can be measured and improved through a variety of simple analyses and tactics.


The complexity of human beings makes it very difficult for brands to merely guess what strategies might or might not work with respect to generating customer loyalty. Justin Cobb  explained how established marketing firms can sift through market research to find more information. “By analysing elements such as average spend, shopping frequency, email click and open rates, the number of product reviews generated, social mentions and other elements, we can effectively begin assembling a broader picture of how much customer loyalty a brand currently enjoys”, he said. Businesses and brands have two options on how to collect, organise and interpret this information. The first way is through in-house efforts, in which an analytics program is utilised to collect the information from web-based users and shoppers.


This can be done via email, social media, websites and more through one or more sets of analytics programs. The second way utilises many of the same methods, but the data is handled by a professional marketing such as Justin Cobb’s marketing firm. In this case, the data is both collected and analysed in order to determine how much customer loyalty currently exists. With a marketing firm’s approach, the data can be more easily interpreted and acted upon than through traditional in-house methods.


Building customer loyalty takes time and dedication – it is not something that can be instantly generated. While brands may be able to conduct market research and analyse collected data to some degree, the assistance of well-staffed marketing firms and agencies like Justin Cobb’s company ensures that all of the information collected can be interpreted in ways that lead to better outcomes in the future. With so much competition now existing via the web, brands competing for attention online must consider enlisting professional services in order to build as much customer clout as possible.


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