Justin Cobb Discusses His Recent Conference for Young Entrepreneurs in Poland

Uncategorized / May 10, 2014

Entrepreneur and speaker Justin Cobb, founder of the Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, has a strong interest in developing young talent in Poland and giving the business leaders of the future in the country access to the resources and mentorship they need to succeed. He recently organised a special conference in Katowice with over 200 delegates, which aimed to help his young entrepreneurs learn more about the importance of good business strategies and approaches to customer service. 

‘Poland is a very important country in terms of the future of business in Europe, and I have found a lot of great talent there. By creating events like this one, I’m able to expose the people I work with in this region to highly successful, knowledgeable speakers that they can learn a lot from, and give them a chance to ask questions and explore new ideas. Getting a large number of budding entrepreneurs and leaders like these in the same place is also always a great way to promote networking and help what could be very fruitful professional relationships form, so overall it is a very positive experience for those who attend.’ Justin Cobb said of the event.

Justin Cobb Leadership Academy not only organised the event and put together the delegate list, but also arranged for six industry leading specialists to fly in from the UK for the day to give presentations on different areas relevant to the attendees and spend time answering their questions.

‘This is obviously of huge benefit to all entrepreneurs’, said Justin Cobb, ‘because they get to listen to the kind of people who have a huge amount of experience in all the right areas, and some great ideas. However, the way I think about it, it is also a worthwhile thing to do for the speakers. They get a chance to help influence and inspire a whole new generation of business people in a vastly expanding market, and that can only ever be a good thing.’

The Justin Cobb Leadership Academy has seen such great results working with people in Poland that Justin Cobb is currently looking at expanding his operations there, moving into four new regions within the country to attract even more talented young minds.

‘Poland is key to our strategy and what we do. It is a growing economy with a lot of ambitious people who can now get opportunities previous generations may not have had access to. We want to help them succeed.’


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