Justin Cobb Reveals His Ideas for Motivating Employees

Business / August 21, 2018

As a successful entrepreneur, Justin Cobb knows that the people you have working with you are the most important resource any business owner needs. Keeping those people happy and motivated is one of the most powerful and useful things you can do as part of your daily business routine. Money is always a motivator, but most people have something beyond money that motivates them to stay fulfilled in a job. Justin let us know some of his top ideas for tapping into those drives.

Listen to Them

Taking the time each day to have a one-on-one with your employees has the potential to flag up issues or concerns in your business, or provide you with new ideas. But that isn’t all. Everyone likes to feel valued, and like their opinions are taken on board. Listening to your employees will add value to your business, and make them feel like they have a larger stake in your world.

Don’t Let Them Get Bored

As an entrepreneur, chances are that you get bored if you are not challenged. Most employees feel exactly the same. Even if they don’t necessarily voice it, the chances are that if an employee has been doing the same thing for a long time, that they are not excited about it anymore. Try mixing it up, and giving them new responsibilities, or inventing new strategies for them to approach their workload. A person facing new challenges every day is by nature a motivated person.

Acknowledge Achievements

Everyone, no matter what level of business they are at, likes to be recognized for their achievements. The sense of personal pride an employee feels at completing a tough job, can quickly be dulled by a lacklustre acknowledgement of the task, or even no feedback at all. Make sure to thank your employees for their hard work, and let them know that it is important to you, especially when they go above and beyond.

Create Incentives

Business people are often competitive people, and in some careers, there is no obvious competition. Incentives can help those people to motivate themselves towards working harder and achieving more. When you think of incentives, you might think of giving away a holiday for meeting sales targets or something similar, but it doesn’t have to be something huge. An office night out for closing a big deal, or even a monetary bonus for the top performer. Things like these will bring out the competitive side of your top people.


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