Justin Cobb Looks at Key Business Plan Tips 

Uncategorized / January 25, 2015

As the new year arrives, business people across the country take the opportunity to look back on how they’ve done, and consider how they can do even better in the twelve months to come. That’s why, for many entrepreneurs, January is business planning month. For new entrepreneurs, especially, it can be hard knowing how to create an effective business plan, but an article by earlier this year gave four key tips for creating the perfect plan. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the article, and looks ahead to the opportunities for businesses in 2015.

“I love revising business plans, and creating a new one, because it gives me an opportunity to look ahead to the future, and increase my chances of success”, said public speaker and entrepreneur Justin Cobb. “All entrepreneurs should also grab this golden chance. Think carefully about what the future may bring, and how you’ll react to it, so that you’ll be prepared for every eventuality.”

Most entrepreneurs are continually assessing their strengths and weakness throughout the year without doing it consciously, but it’s better to be proactive than reactive. The four tips within the article can help businesses plan ahead, speeding up their response times and giving them an edge over their business rivals. The first tip is to understand your business goals. These can be financial or strategic goals, but should form the basis that your plan is built upon.

Once you have these objectives, you then need to formulate the actions that are needed to achieve them. This could involve implementing new training for your team, launching a new product or service, or outsourcing functions such as marketing. Think about who your target market is, and how you’re going to reach them. The final key tip within the article is to think about and understand the needs of your target consumer. Carefully studying your achievements over the previous year can help when it comes to these four stages.

“This fascinating article emphasises that a good business plan should be simple, easy to follow, and yet ambitious”, said Justin Cobb. “It’s also right to emphasise the importance of understanding the customer. Businesses that do this can create innovative solutions to the problems that consumers are facing every day. This can be a fast track to increased sales and business success.”

Justin Cobb is himself a business success, and has mentored entrepreneurs across the nation, as well as being a highly sought after public speaker.


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