Justin Cobb Looks at What It Takes to Run a Successful Meeting

Uncategorized / July 19, 2016

Justin Cobb, USA based entrepreneur and marketing pro looks at what it takes to run a successful meeting and how you can transform an ordinary meeting into an inspiration for all who attend.

“One of the biggest flaws that I see happening,” Justin Cobb says “is that meetings are just not being planned well. The moderator or person calling the meeting typically knows that there are issues to be addressed but quite often there are too many participants to get done what needs to get done. What I suggest anyone planning a meeting do is very carefully lay out an agenda so that It will become easy to determine exactly who needs to be there and no one else. Also, this helps you to be able to plan more effectively so that you know exactly what you need to cover and how to keep it interesting yet on target.’

Justin Cobb has spoken at many meetings around the world and is a guest speaker for large audiences as well. If there is one thing he knows, it’s how to run a successful meeting where everything that needs to get covered gets covered and all in attendance are drawn out, have fun participating and leave feeling enthused rather than extremely bored. That stems from inviting too many of the wrong people. He believes and he says that you should never talk about your solutions or ideas until you have had input from the group. Some moderators speak altogether too much and this looses the participants momentums.

Justin Cobb says that you may need to draw them out, but one thing you can do is call on junior staff members first as well as on those who are more reserved. Once you have heard from everyone it’s okay to interject your thoughts but not until everyone has had their say. This is a good way to inspire innovation so that your team will go back out anxious to put their ideas into play. Not only will they leave feeling as though something was accomplished but they will go back to their jobs feeling as if they matter. Meetings don’t need to be boring and uninspired and Justin Cobb is proof of just that. His meetings are anything but dull!


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