Justin Cobb Looks at Writing the Book

Uncategorized / March 9, 2016

They say that everyone has a book in them, and more and more people are taking the opportunity to put their words into print. It’s not just fiction writers who are taking advantage of advances in technology and new publishing methods, entrepreneurs can use it as a powerful marketing tool too. A recent article by looked at how writing a book can pay dividends for business people. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the article, and look at how useful it could be for UK businesses.

“A good entrepreneur should always be prepared to share the secret of their success”, said Justin Cobb. “Not only can it help the entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and create networking opportunities, it can help build up your own personal brand as well. Writing a book is an increasingly popular way to do this, and it can grab the attention of the public as well.”

The article looks at the case of dentist to the stars Catrise Austin. She already had a successful dental practice, when in 2009 she published her first book: ‘5 Steps to the Hollywood A-List Smile: How the Stars Get That Perfect Smile and How You Can Too’. The author estimates that around 3,500 copies of the book are in circulation, although some of these she has given away. That doesn’t sound like much of a success, but it has brought substantial secondary benefits. As part of the publicity for her book, Catrise Austin appeared on various media platforms, including the Today Show and Good Morning America. These appearances have boosted her own personal brand, and made her dental practice even busier.

The author expected to receive a boost from the book, that was one of her aims when she wrote and published it, but the results have far exceeded her expectations. Her business has increased by 30-40% as a direct result of the book being published, and her time in the media spotlight. Entrepreneurs who want to release their book no longer have to find a publisher willing to take a chance on it. Self publishing has become easier than ever, and more accepted. The advent of ‘print-on-demand’ publishing has also made it more cost-effective and less of a risk.

“Entrepreneurs shouldn’t expect their work to be a best seller, but they can use it to attract new business if used wisely”, said Justin Cobb. “It can also help to sharpen the creative instincts of an entrepreneur and this can also provide additional benefits to their business and to their clients.”

You don’t have to write a book to attract new customers, and enhance your brand awareness, of course. The bespoke marketing campaigns from Justin Cobb can also help you achieve that.


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