Justin Cobb on the Key Habits of an Entrepreneur

Business / February 15, 2019

As a modern entrepreneur, attempting to gain success within a competitive marketplace, it can be tough to achieve consistent results. Failing to create good habits can lead to stress, bad health, and even total burnout, as you struggle to do everything with no way of managing your time and energy.

Justin Cobb knows from experience that success in business is largely a product of finding the right rhythm. One which is sustainable for both body and mind, allowing you to achieve consistent success without gradually running yourself into the ground. Part of that is about creating habits that will allow you to maintain a healthy and happy self, without having to constantly think about. Here are some habits you can cultivate:

Exercise Daily

In the rush to create business success, we can often neglect our exercise routine, because we just don’t ‘have time’. But, as they say, a ‘healthy body is a healthy mind’. Even a short run, or a trip to the gym every morning, can energize your body, and lead to better decision-making and quicker thinking.

Learn Something Each Day

Keeping the mind active and sharp is important, and there’s no better way to do that than to continue learning new skills or information. There’s no excuse not to replace the music you listen to on your commute with a podcast related to your industry, or a course on a new skill you’d like to possess.

Get Rid of ‘Downtime’

On average, people spend 3 hours each day watching television. If you’re feeling tired and drained from a day of work, it might feel like a good time to just relax on the couch. But your free time should be the time you spend working on maintaining yourself in a positive way. Replace the television with meditation or reading, or even consider spending some time with family or friends.


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