Justin Cobb on Why ‘Happiness’ Is Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever

Business / September 28, 2018

Yes, there is actually a “happiness” class being taught at Yale University and, interestingly enough, it has become the most popular class in the history of the school. While Yale is traditionally seen as being a very upper class and prestigious university, the students here are apparently no different than anyone else in the world – they just want to be happy. But why would someone choose to enroll in a university class to learn about happiness, when there’s an endless sea of self-help and motivational content online that can help you improve your mood from the comfort of YouTube?

Justin Cobb, entrepreneur and global businessman, believes that the key to the success of the class is its universal appeal and ease of study requirements. “Becoming knowledgeable about the factors that influence happiness doesn’t require you to perform any complex calculations or extensive research. You just show up for the class, listen to what that happiness guru/professor has to say, and try to retain and utilize that info in your everyday life,” he said.

But can someone actually fail at the happiness class? “Like every other class, there are bound to be tests to see whether you were actually paying attention. Hypothetically, you could fail the class, but it seems that any multiple-choice questions related to happiness would be simple enough to answer just by using common sense,” answered Justin Cobb from the office of his US headquarters.

“Additionally, any kind of essay or treatise that a student would be required to write would probably be written from a subjective standpoint, so the grading of such papers would probably fall under the ‘no wrong answer’ category,” he went on to say.

Justin Cobb also noted that modern marketing agencies can benefit greatly from having a better understanding of how to make clients and site visitors happier. Even though it may not seem like a valuable skill, every company can use someone who specializes in the art of creating and maintaining happiness.

One of Justin Cobb’s main business goals is creating a more enjoyable experience for entrepreneurs who utilize his companies’ services for brand promotion and outreach. Justin Cobb is committed to making that kind of happiness a reality for each and every client and is a strong proponent of Yale’s increasingly popular happiness class for upcoming entrepreneurs and customer service specialists.


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