Justin Cobb Recommends Playing Matchmaker

Uncategorized / March 29, 2018

We all want to increase our networking circle as it gives us more inspiration and brains to pick, so what if you could find a way to double your networking circle? Well, the good news is there’s an efficient way to do so, while still creating a strong and impactful relationship with every connection. The technique is known as middleman networking or informally referred to as, matchmaking. People like people who are helpful. Find an excuse every week to introduce two people who may be mutually beneficial to one another’s businesses and sit back as your networking circle doubles in size.

Justin Cobb says, not to focus on introducing yourself to everybody for the sake of yourself, but to try and introduce two people to each other, who could be of great benefit and complement their businesses. You, as the middleman and matchmaker of the business world, will be forever after remembered for being extremely helpful. Justin Cobb swears by this technique and by putting this concept into action, your name will be the answer to the infamous question in the business world – How did you both meet one another? And that can only ever mean more exposure for yourself.

Also, you aren’t restricted to introducing people through face to face meetings. You should experiment and connect pairable contacts through emails and online platforms. You can send a friendly email to two contacts, introducing them and why they would benefit from networking with one another. It really is that simple, you probably do it already but haven’t noticed it or thought of it as a strategy for increasing your network, but if you do it naturally, then you are already on your way to becoming a matchmaking expert.


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