Justin Cobb Reveals the Secret of Development

Uncategorized / April 9, 2015

Every entrepreneur is a work in progress, or at least that’s how they should see themselves. Self-development is the key to producing better and better results, as anyone in business who stands still can soon find themselves left behind. As a business grows, it also becomes the role of the entrepreneur to develop and grow the people who work for them. Here, Justin Cobb reveals the secret to successful development.

“My start up in New York has got off to a fantastic beginning, and there are great opportunities ahead”, said entrepreneur, mentor, and public speaker Justin Cobb. “I was recently asked to be a guest speaker at a conference in Atlantic City, and I’m speaking at another conference in the same city very shortly. The theme of my speech is how to develop people, and it’s a skill that can take any business on to the next level of success.”

Atlantic City brings glamour and energy to the New Jersey seaboard. It’s known worldwide for its casinos and its beautiful beach, but with easy connections to New York City it’s increasingly becoming a centre for business and entrepreneurism as well. Start up entrepreneurs in New Jersey and New York, just as elsewhere in the world, often encounter the same problem: the initial start up goes well, but then as the company expands it becomes more difficult to get the most out of their team and achieve the full potential of the business. That’s why it’s essential to develop team members as much as possible.

It’s important to get the right team members in to start with, ones who share the company’s goals and ethos. It’s also important, however, to realize that each worker is different, and so they need to be developed differently. The first stage of this process is to take time to get to know the person, and find out what their personal goals are. Explain how these goals can be met within your company, and then tailor development and training plans around these goals. In this way, the worker is not only developing skills that will help your business, they are also gaining the skills they want on a personal level.

“Workers like to push themselves, and they like to develop new skills and attributes, so that should always be encouraged”, said Justin Cobb. “With entrepreneurs and workers pulling in one direction, anything can be achieved. My business aims to open up 30 locations across the United States by the end of this year. Challenging? Yes. Impossible? No.”

As well as being a successful entrepreneur on both sides of the Atlantic, Justin Cobb is a powerful and motivational public speaker for businesses in New York and beyond.


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