Justin Cobb’s Top Entrepreneur Podcasts

Entertainment / March 1, 2019

For several years, podcasts have been overtaking audiobooks as a way to consume information on the go for the modern entrepreneur. One way to consistently improve as both a person and a business owner is to constantly seek out new ideas and information. Podcasts can also be a way to get access to tips and advice from people who you would never have a chance to sit down with in real life, as the more popular ones routinely interview high-profile, successful people. Justin Cobb gave us a few recommendations of high-quality content to supercharge your commute.

The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast is one of the most popular among entrepreneurs. Tim spends a lot of time interviewing high-profile celebrities, and much of the focus is on deconstructing the tools and tactics they use to achieve success in their field. Tim takes a fairly holistic approach to analyzing the anatomy of success, which is bound to have something of use to most people.

Millionaire Mindcast

Matt Aitchison is a 7-figure real-estate investor, who discusses the relationship between our mindsets and the money we earn. This podcast focuses on thought patterns and on improving your relationship with money.

This Week in Startups

Not all podcasts have to be inspirational or focused on interviews. This Week in Startups is essentially about what’s going on in the world of entrepreneurship. This one is for those just looking to catch up on what is going on in the tech industry while they travel.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas interviews a host of high-profile entrepreneurs and CEOs and focuses on replicable steps to success. The podcast is about learning from the successes and failures of other entrepreneurs.


Brian Clark talks about actionable strategies for ambitious entrepreneurs and creative freelancers and conducts many insightful interviews with other professionals in the industry.


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