Setting Goals for the Year

Uncategorized / February 2, 2023

As a successful entrepreneur in the field of marketing, Justin Cobb knows full well just how important setting annual goals is for any business, large or small. He has represented clients on every continent and within literally every industry imaginable, and there is one common thread that he has witnessed altogether too often. He observes that “Although most people enter each new year with abounding enthusiasm, they are often unrealistic about those New Year’s resolutions they set each year.”

He understands the importance of setting goals, but he also knows what they say about the roads that good intentions pave. “It is not enough to resolve to do something unless you are willing and able to follow through on the goals you’ve set.”

Justin explains that taking time to reflect on where the previous year has taken you is an important step in determining what types of resolutions you should set. He says that “It is vital to think about the fact that there are some areas of our lives that take on greater importance. Some of our goals are work-related and others are related to our personal or social lives.”

Justin says that if we start by looking at the goals we never accomplished in the previous year, or years, we may soon see a pattern. “Sometimes the things we thought were important in the beginning got set aside for situations that arose that took on greater importance.”

Actually, he believes that if we itemize those things that we forgot all about as the year progressed, we’d find a pattern that will help us set goals for the year ahead. “Setting our New Year’s resolutions isn’t something we do because we’re expected to set goals or because it’s tradition. We need to dig deep to see what really matters to us and those are the goals we should be setting.”

He goes on to say that if we look back at the resolutions we made and then lost sight of, we’d see that those are either not important to us or were set too far ahead in the future. “Maybe we should break it down into steps that we know we can reach. Isn’t that what we do when working a project? Yes, the end goal of realizing a $10 million profit is the ultimate goal but shouldn’t we then break it down into what we need to do to reach that aspiration?”

That’s what our New Year’s resolutions should be. “We need to focus on smaller, more attainable goals because that’s what we can realistically accomplish. Instead of focusing on the end of the journey, set mile markers along the path.” Find one goal that is of prime importance and then set realistic steps to get there. “You will find that by doing this, by prioritizing your major goals in life and then mapping out how best to accomplish them, it won’t be yet another year of broken resolutions. Focus on what really matters, map out smaller steps along the way and you will get there.”

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