The Vital Relationship Between Your Brand and Logo as Explained by Justin Cobb

Uncategorized / August 17, 2022

Although we often associate a company’s brand with their logo, there is so much more to a company than the colors and shape of their logo. It is after all just an easily identifiable graphic we come to associate with the brand, but that association is so much deeper than a mere visual.

According to Justin Cobb, the logo represents all that the brand stands for and why they are so important. “Defining the company culture is how brand is developed. Branding is about the products or services a company offers and beyond that, it’s about their relationship with their customers, new and old,” Justin explains. “The brand comes first and then a logo is created that expresses a quick and identifiable visual.”

Justin also went on to explain that whenever a company goes through a rebrand, a brand refresh or a redesign within the structure of their organization, it may be important to update the logo as well. Bear in mind that the logo is more than just a quickly identifiable visual. It is also crafted to express the company within a specific industry and the culture of the time. 

In order to better explain this, let’s look at how Dunkin’ Donuts literally rebranded their company. Actually, their specific blend of coffee is more popular now than their donuts are! So then, by refreshing their logo to leave off the Donuts with a logo that simply reads “Dunkin’” they are expanding their representation of their product line. They’ve used the same font and colors as before, but their logo is simply that one word, “Dunkin’” which is recognizable to customers who have been with them for decades while reaching new markets not necessarily there for donuts!

The relationship between branding and logos is something marketers know well. Sometimes when a company expands their product line or brings a line forward in keeping with today’s technology, an updated logo is necessary. Even the graphic artistry in the logo may need to be updated so that it ‘speaks’ to a contemporary market base.

Justin Cobb further explains that an entirely new logo isn’t always necessary but it must be something that expresses the brand well while also being visually appealing in today’s market. “We don’t often recommend they change their color scheme if it’s become a recognized part of their brand, but we may suggest an updated font or alignment from time to time. When rebranding, a new logo might be necessary, but if a brand is widely recognized with a large following, we then suggest refreshing the logo so that it remains familiar to current clients while reaching a newer audience at the same time.” It’s all about brand recognition and that’s a specialty in which we excel.

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