Twenty Eighteen, Justin Cobb Has Big Plans For You

Uncategorized / January 15, 2017

Looking back, twenty seventeen was a phenomenal year for the direct marketing industry, as mentor and consultant Justin Cobb injected his absolute all into the building and growing his enterprise, successfully winning new clients in various sectors, promoting business partners to consultancy level and achieving great successes alongside partners, friends, and family. As well as professional accomplishments, Justin Cobb has continued to add value to his personal life, traveling across major cities with friends and family, raising his children and feeding his passion for music as he launches a record label and studio with his wife. Yes, Justin Cobb has had a prosperous year, and there’s no stopping him there.

This year Justin Cobb will continue to show his team what is possible within their industry as he remains to inspire, motivate and drive his mentee’s to achieve great success. “Twenty eighteen is all about promotions; I want to help each one of my mentees to progress in their careers and get their businesses double the size and production it is now, by the end of the year. I invest in my people, and the results speak for themselves, I want to be apart of their new year’s resolutions and both personal and professional goals” explains Justin Cobb.

As always, Justin Cobb and his team will set higher expectations for the new year, and their targets will advance. Justin recognizes that the holidays are a time to put the breaks on and rest, but it is vital that the goal is still in sight for your team. Justin Cobb says, “Have conversations about the company’s growth plans for the new year, as well as each person’s individual development and professional opportunities. Say only a little, but explain what will be possible when the company returns from the Christmas holidays, what they will be working towards when they come back, this is a sure fire way to build excitement upon returning to the office in the new year.”

Working closely with their clients, Justin Cobb and his team will be working even harder to secure more clients going forward, to help them grow their bottom line and expand their customer base and brand in 2018.

The sky is the limit.


Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels


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