As Guest Speaker, Justin Cobb Hosts Industry Leadership Conference in Miami

Uncategorized / July 5, 2016

Justin Cobb travelled to Miami to head up this years leadership conference. As one of the leading entrepreneurs in the US, Justin has hosted many of these events previously and encourages those attending to take as much information away from it as they possibly can.

“These conferences are vocational and informative, they are about sharing our accomplishments and congratulating those who have accomplished honorable achievements”, explains Justin. Held in Miami, this years leadership conference saw individuals selected for ‘Rising Star’ title, in recognition for their progression and growth as leaders within their field. Justin Cobb had the honor of speaking in front of these budding entrepreneurs and sharing his knowledge and experiences with them.

The leadership conference included an exclusive three course meal where Justin Cobb had the opportunity to enjoy some friendly socialising with many of those whom he has had the honor of mentoring and training and also those who aspire to learn from him. “It is important to value the little time we manage to spend with each other face to face, we are often working across the United States from those whom we work so closely with on a daily basis, it was a pleasure to catch up in person with everybody”, says Justin.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who were invited to receive the recognition for ‘Rising Star’ are those who have grown as individuals, as leaders, and shown substantial potential within the industry.


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