Justin Cobb Shares the Importance of Client and Product Training

Uncategorized / June 28, 2016

Leading direct marketing expert and entrepreneur Justin Cobb has worked with many major brands across the globe, he has lead many meetings with his clients, but Justin is very passionate when he advices how important it is to engage in client and product training when working on your client’s campaign.

Justin Cobb says “When working with our clients, it is imperative that we are well informed on every aspect of their brand, their product, and their target market”. As a guru and expert in his field, Justin Cobb knows that when beginning a marketing campaign the team need to be prepared and knowledgeable about the product or service they are representing so that they are sure to provide the highest quality standard of customer service on behalf of their clients. “I have ran countless client training meetings for a mixture of clients with in several different countries across the world” Justin explains, “and every single one, in all of their cultures and languages, was as informative and successful as the other.”

Client and product training meetings consistently follow a very similar structure. The meeting begins with a formal introduction from the client, followed by an informative presentation focusing on the client themselves, followed by their product or service and their objectives. The second stage of the meeting focuses on the product or service in which they will be marketing, at this stage we will have visual examples to explore and engage with. This part of the meeting is the most informative for our marketing experts as they interact with the product and become acquainted with the thing in which they will be promoting daily. During this part of the meeting the client may have prepared small games for everybody to take part in – not just to see adults playing in the office, but to create a stimulating learning environment – and to have some fun.

Lastly the session closes with the client presenting their main goals and objectives to the group, this information is of most value for the team, “It is imperative that this information is analyzed and well recorded by our marketing experts, our clients goals without fail will always come before our own”, explains Justin Cobb.

Justin Cobb has had the pleasure of working with an incredible portfolio of recognised brands across the world and he is excited to welcome on board all future clients this year.


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