A List of “Musts” for a Career in Your Field

Uncategorized / March 23, 2023

Gone are the days when job seekers would search the Sunday classifieds in their local newspapers. Few people actually read hardcopy papers anymore. According to Justin Cobb, a marketing specialist with many years of experience, “Today’s job candidates are most often recruited online and through marketing companies specializing in the field.”

He has seen tens of thousands of job applicants along the way and although he recognizes the fact that they all have specific talents and education within their individual fields, there are some ‘musts’ which are universal. Here is some of what he sees as valuable for anyone looking to advance in their career, whatever it may be.

“The first absolute necessity would be communication skills. That is something that should be high on the list of any career-oriented person. Also, being a team-minded person sits atop the list. While it is okay to be competitive, it is much more beneficial to an employer if the entire team is on the same page, working against the competition, not other employees or teams.”

So, there you have two very valuable musts on that list. Communication and teamwork are vital to the success of anyone with hopes of advancing their career. “I also see initiative as an absolute must,” he continues. “If you are organized and motivated, you can’t help but succeed. No boss likes to stand over an employee with that proverbial whip, so if you are self-driven, it’s a real plus in your favor. That boss could be doing something of much greater value than babysitting adults.”

Justin looks back at the first item on his list, communication. He believes that communication is the key to holding the reins of initiative. “If you get an idea that could benefit your business or the company you work for, communication is a vital skill. You will need to sell your idea in order to see it to fruition and now you see the overlap of all these musts. Each is just as important as the other and they all work together to keep you climbing higher and higher on the ladder to success.”

From being a self-starter to a person who communicates and works well with others, Justin Cobb believes that these are the core “musts” that any career or goal-oriented professional should have. He closes this discussion by saying that “You never stop learning and that is the final “must’ you should have on your list. You must always be ready and open to learning new techniques and technologies if you want to climb to the top. To do anything else would leave you behind in yesterday’s world, and that is not how you advance in your career. It’s always about moving forward.”

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