Are You Tough? Justin Cobb on Having What It Takes

Uncategorized / June 15, 2018


“You’ve got a good education but are you tough?” Powerful words from development coach and self-taught entrepreneur Justin Cobb. So you studied and read all of the books, you passed the tests, and you’ve got the credentials, but are you prepared to take all of that knowledge, and go into your chosen field (with the possibility of facing major rejection) and putting in everything you’ve got, and getting knocked back several times… will you pick yourself back up more than once? Will you dust yourself off time and time again? How tough are you?


Having the education, and the experiences and the degrees looks well on paper. But it gives many people the self-entitlement to talk big about what they can go on to achieve, what prestigious jobs and companies they can apply for now and how many opportunities they will have that those without good degrees or grades will not have. Justin Cobb tells us “It’s incredibly easy to talk big. It’s easy to forecast. But in actuality it takes huge amounts of courage, and grit, and determination, and it takes swallowing your pride and your ego to put in the actions to get there and to get better, and this takes a hell of a lot more effort than showing people your degree from whichever expensive school you went to.”


With passion and belief, Justin Cobb suggests this, “Talk big but just don’t be full of sh*t, because your word is all you have.” We are blessed with the freedom of speech, here in the USA we have the right to talk about whatever we want, whatever we’re passionate about. You can say what you’re going to do, so why say things you don’t mean, or talk without conviction? Why do people waste the opportunity to make an impact with the words they use and the way they say them. Chose the words you mean, chose exciting ones, and say them with heart.


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