Justin Cobb On evaluating character when forming a team.

Uncategorized / June 5, 2018

By the time people enter my business they’re all already adults.  By this point, their fundamental character is established. For businesses involving sales and team building this is especially important to understand.  Rarely can you teach a grown adult with low morals or questionable character to become a good person. Rather than find people that can sell and try and teach them how to be good people, find people that are good people and teach them how to hustle.  Anyone can learn sales skill. They can learn how to sell themselves. They can learn how to be quicker on their feet. It may take going in the field with them numerous of even dozens of times; When you find someone that you trust, and can see trusting running a part of your company or their own, prioritize that over the initial sales results.


Work with people who value their integrity highly, as these are the people you can trust and who will make smart business decisions that benefit their team instead of themselves.  The truth is that there are no moral shortcuts. When you’re honest, and you want to achieve something genuinely for the good of your company and representatives, that’s what makes you great in your field.


Justin Cobb has years of experience training, developing and working face to face with a myriad of different personalities, he suggests looking out for the following when questioning how important a person’s integrity is to them. Do they keep their promises? Do they do what they say they are going to do? If a person is not fulfilling their promises, it makes you lose respect for them and their word doesn’t make a difference anymore and that doesn’t create any excitement, or encourage any amount of growth or success.



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