Business Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Uncategorized / February 23, 2023

As the world focuses on the year ahead, Justin Cobb begins his new year as he does every year by looking at business trends as they evolve from the year gone by. It is, after all, what he is an expert in as a successful marketing entrepreneur, with clients scattered around every continent on earth. He finds that as we begin 2023 there are “Some trends that we could have expected and others that may take many of us by surprise.”

What Justin is referring to is the fact that Covid-19 is still a big factor in business operations but what he feels some people may find surprising is that central banks in the United States, among other Western countries, are raising interest rates while China is keeping its fluid. Although he saw this coming, many people still don’t understand why governments are not allowing a bit of flexibility because it is evident just how successful China’s monetary policies have been.

Justin Cobb believes that in order to succeed in a global market, “Our businesses need to set goals but also with an open acceptance to working within global trends. We go nowhere if the path ahead suddenly closes up and we are resistant to change.”

Sometimes Justin likens this to being on a road trip when the road ahead is suddenly washed out. The driver is unwilling to reroute his journey, so he is either stuck wasting money in a hotel or “taking unnecessary risks by trying to drive through it, getting washed away downstream in the process.” He goes on to explain that by working with GPS, the driver can find a safe route around that will save both money and lives, and that is the more prudent way forward.

Other trends that Justin is aware of are the fast rate of inflation, along with the fact that new car sales are dipping. He expected this because “the government is intent on printing more paper (money) and spending less on alternative energy sources.” With England and Germany leading the pack in electric and hybrid vehicles, he feels that the United States could set policies much like theirs with a target goal of Net Zero just a few years away, as they have done.

“Today’s businesses need to be aware of international business trends because we no longer operate on a national level. Much of our commerce is international with the broad rise of eCommerce, and that is something many of our companies simply aren’t capitalizing on.” This is something you can trust because as a marketing specialist with a strong grip on data analysis, Justin has had success after success in helping clients achieve their goals by staying in touch with the trends that have a direct impact on their business.

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