Busy vs Productive: Maximizing your Time

Business / November 21, 2020

Do you often feel like you’re struggling to keep up with your work? Find yourself skipping lunch? Running late for meetings? Doing five things at once? It may feel like this busy state is par for the course when it comes to business. But this is not the case. Being productive is a learned skill.

The most productive people are generally the least busy. This is because they have developed tools to take control of their time. They realize that it’s not about working all the time. It’s about working in the right way, to pursue a goal.

At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we work with entrepreneurs to make them more efficient and productive. This leads to being less busy, and more focused.

The first step in this process is to learn to prioritize and identify what is important. Many people have a to-do list, but they let it fill up with tasks. They take care of the things that come in as they arrive and let other things drift down and get forgotten.

A to-do list should be more like a ranking than a list. Take a moment to look through it each day, and ask yourself which tasks bring you closer to your goal. Pick three, and make them your priority tasks for that day. Then, even if you don’t finish everything, you’ve still moved closer to your goal.

After this, it’s important to keep control of your own schedule each day. Busy people let other people dictate their daily tasks. When someone comes along with a problem for them, they take it on board and start working on it. Productive people stick to their plan and take the time to put that problem in context. If you want to be productive, you have to learn to say ‘No’ as well as ‘Yes’. But also, you have to learn to say, ‘Yes, but not now’.

At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we know that every entrepreneur can become productive. Take control of your daily schedule to maximize your time.


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