How to Earn Respect as a Leader

Leadership / April 23, 2021

Hiring the perfect employee is one part of a successful business. Keeping them around is another. You may think that just incentivising them with good pay and benefits is enough. But increasing amount of evidence supports the fact that people want to work for someone they respect. Employees will often leave a position for a lesser-paying one just because of issues with leadership. So what actions can you take as a leader to make sure you are earning the respect of your team?

Give Respect to Get It

The most respected leaders know that respect is a two-way street. They treat everyone compassionately and with consideration. Even when they have to give criticism or negative feedback. This is always done in a respectful way.

Listen First, Talk Second

People who are always rushing to speak first often come across as insecure and rash. Those who take the time to listen and gather all the facts before speaking seem like they really see the bigger picture. A true leader knows the value of listening, and how it grows their respect immensely.

Lead By Example

It’s no good chastising your employees for being on time if you’re always wandering in and out of the office whenever you feel like it. You’ll come across like a hypocrite, and lose respect. Set an example by being the first in the office and the last to leave.

Be Transparent

Being honest and straightforward will earn you more respect than putting on a facade of perfection. It’s alright to say that you made a mistake or that you were wrong. People don’t lose respect for being wrong. They lose it for being wrong and being too proud to admit it.

Respect is hard to win and easy to lose. Take the time to make sure you’re putting in a little work every day to win more of it.


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