Is Your Marketing Mix Future-Proof?

Business / October 1, 2021

We live in changing times, and we are starting to see many well-established businesses losing their market share. At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy we always look to the future. We want to make sure our businesses are future-proof. This doesn’t only mean adaptation. It means prediction and preparation. How can we make sure that in ten years time, our brand will still be going strong? We spoke to Justin Cobb for some ideas about strategy.

Focus Your Marketing

One of the major things you need to do to prepare for the future is to be brutal with weeding out useless marketing. Many of the established methods simply no longer work. Billboards, TV ads, radio ads, magazine pages, have all lost their impact.

In psychology, there is a concept called habituation. The more we are exposed to certain things, the more we get used to them. We tune them out. They become background noise. This is what is happening with traditional advertising. We simply don’t look at billboards anymore. We pause our Smart TV and go get a drink. Then we come back and fast forward the adverts. That’s all money going down the drain for businesses.

What does work is a mix of the old and the new. On the one hand, online advertising is doing better than ever. With social media advertising, we can speak to a targeted audience with an interest in our product. Also, face-to-face is a marketing channel that is only getting stronger. In an age of increasing disconnection, people want to talk to somebody. Being able to have a conversation with your customer will keep them around.

At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy we train people to create strategies that leverage the power of connection. Whether that is in the online space or face-to-face. We predict and prepare for a future in which all marketing is honest and conversational. That is how we help our clients to future-proof their marketing.


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