Justin Cobb Attends This Year’s Annual R&R At Exclusive Resort

Uncategorized / October 12, 2016


Justin Cobb is always travelling around the globe on business, it is one of the many benefits of this success, Justin has international business partners by the bucketload, but the biggest pleasure, is being able to meet up with them all in one location, for a little R&R.


Justin Cobb flew across to Europe, to spend  a short weekend in Tenerife where he mixed both of business and pleasure, as he networked and connected with his companions and partners in the marketing industry. The overseas trip provided ample opportunities for great networking and interaction, amongst both new and existing faces.


Each year Justin attends R&R events with friends in business, these events attract many of the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs for a weekend of retreat and productivity and as always Justin Cobb feels they are necessary in encouraging entrepreneurs to interact. “Conversing about plans, results and strategies isn’t the most natural or comfortable conversation starter, as many entrepreneurs see others as their competition. But Justin feels strongly that these kind of events bring those individuals closer in a more informal and personable setting.


This years R&R trip was held at the exclusive Gran Melia Resort, the number one resort in Tenerife. This extended weekend retreat offered attendees the opportunity to take a mini vacation from the fast-paced outsourced sales and marketing environment and spend some quality time refocusing and enjoying themselves in the sun. Over the weekend Justin Cobb and all of the other guests were invited to get involved in whale and dolphin watching, snorkeling in the ocean and a trip to the water park. As well as fine dining  in which cocktails and appetizers were available, giving a venue through which entrepreneurs could get to know one another before more important events were to begin the following day.


The trip does however involve some, what more serious activities, like a variety of business meetings and informal gatherings in which the entrepreneurs and Justin Cobb could further share information and plans for the next business quarter.  Those who attended this year’s R&R trip in Tenerife surely benefited, and will use this motivation and positivity to continue to drive the growth and success of their enterprises.


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