Justin Cobb Looks Into 37 Years of Staying Young At Mind

Uncategorized / October 5, 2016


Being physically young is an obvious desire when employers scout for innovative and fresh talent to recruit for their businesses, but it’s not always being from a younger generation that gives you the edge or advantage other those who aren’t. Keeping in mind, that we understand, and know, that we cannot physically change or amend our age in numbers, however employers need you to be mentally actively young at mind. Motivated entrepreneurs of all ages are capable of thinking young, they do this in many ways, one common way t by staying abreast with current industry trends, keeping in touch with what’s going on and embracing the learning process along the path to success.  

Justin Cobb is himself, a 37 year old, young minded, success hungry, enthusiastic and mouldable entrepreneur, who works with and trains like-minded individuals of all ages. Justin Cobb uncovers his reasons behind why it’s so advantageous in business to remain young at mind and how you can achieve this mind-set.

Your internal belief system about business is the most important predictor of success or failure. In order to train yourself toward success, you must undergo the emotional analysis necessary to build a sound business mind that’s resilient to stress, change and uncertainty. You must open your mind and allow room for new information and you must embrace the learning process to ensure full engagement for a stronger understanding.

Justin Cobb is a keen ambassador of the young at mind theory, he himself joined the industry beyond his schooling years and with what he had already thought was a sound understanding of business and a ready made skill set, he soon learned he would need to become the student once again if he was going to move forward with this ever growing business. “I was able to establish what I already knew and what new things I needed to learn in order for me to succeed at what seemed like a young man’s game, when in actual fact, I have seen men and women of all ages succeed in this fast paced industry, and they all had one thing in common; they welcomed learning with open arms”, Justin explains. “In order to adopt a young minded perspective, you must first accept what you think you know and take an open minded approach when shown a different way to do things, you must be excited to take on board everything new, to share others ideologies and change with the modern times, stay young and stay plugged” says the brilliant and young at mind, Justin Cobb.



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