Justin Cobb Brings His Expertise to the B2B Marketing Platform

Uncategorized / June 15, 2015

When it comes to owning and operating a business, most owners simply struggle to meet the day to day expenses trying to stay afloat while they also need to focus on increasing sales to provide the necessary funds. Justin Cobb, globally acclaimed public speaker, entrepreneur and marketing specialist, brings his expertise in the B2B sector to help businesses find ways to cut cost and increase their bottom line.

“Recently, my company, Pan Atlantic, was approached by one of the largest telecom providers in the United States and we will begin working with businesses to show them one of the ways in which to considerably lower their outlay. A huge portion of today’s business budget is spent on phone and internet services and it is our aim to help them lower the amount of money they are paying for those services,” Justin Cobb explains.

As a direct marketing pro, Justin intends to revisit an earlier discipline, B2B sales, that earned him a high degree of success in the past. He is excited by the opportunity to talk to other business owners to show them viable ways to increase sales while also reducing the amount of money they spend in the process.

“I know what a struggle it can be to stay afloat in today’s market and so it is my intent to help them overcome many of the obstacles and stumbling blocks to growth. By showing them how to save money in communications, it is my hope that they will also be incentivized to begin looking at other areas that need to be revamped.”

This appears to be one of the problems many businesses face and that is keeping up with the times. Those that have been operating for any length of time have built their business model on older technology that just doesn’t work in today’s market place. Justin will help them find solutions in communications so that they are up-to-date in technology but more importantly, spending less money than they currently are.

While B2B marketing is not new to Justin Cobb, he aims to bring back with him all the customer insight that he has gained with his extensive direct marketing experience in the B2C realm. Armed with this knowledge, businesses can grow their bottom line while learning to save money along the way. “It doesn’t help much to cut costs if you aren’t increasing revenue,” says Justin Cobb, “and that’s exactly what I hope to show them how to accomplish.”


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