Justin Cobb Talks about His Recent Whirlwind Tour of Europe

Global / July 13, 2015

Justin Cobb is just home from his recent tour of Ireland, Portugal and Poland and is already looking with great anticipation to planning his next trip to Europe. After meeting with other top performing entrepreneurs and conducting multiple training sessions, he is quite impressed with the enthusiasm of his fellow entrepreneurs on the other side of the Atlantic.

“We had a great time discussing our recent success stories and each of us had something of note to bring to the table. I am often asked to speak at huge national and international conferences and events but this was something different and quite exciting,” Justin Cobb says. We (successful entrepreneurs) got to talk to those just getting their feet wet and it was an amazing experience to see all this talent ready to make a difference in their respective fields.”

That’s what being an entrepreneur is all about, as Justin Cobb could tell you, setting your sights on new horizons and making innovative strides in your industry. Each and every entrepreneur recognizes a need in his or her market and builds a business around meeting those needs. So many have come from professional fields where they literally rose as far as they could go on the corporate ladder yet were unable to affect any real change towards growth.

“Because these talented professionals saw a need within their market and were unable to make a difference where they were at, they struck it out on their own. That’s the foundation upon which an entrepreneur needs to build and without that ‘vision,’ that sense of knowing that something is lacking, there is nothing to build upon,” Justin  Cobb comments. “A successful entrepreneur sees something that has potential, something that works okay as it is, but has the foresight to know that it can be better. That’s what defines an entrepreneur and sets him or her apart from the run-of-the-mill business owner.”

However, Justin Cobb and the gang didn’t spend all their time at meetings and training sessions. They took some much-needed quality time off to enjoy some R&R while seeing the local sights. In all, it was a wonderful experience for Justin and one he looks forward to doing again – soon! Word is, he is already planning his next itinerary and young entrepreneurs throughout Europe are waiting with baited breath to see where he will land on his next go round.


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