Justin Cobb’s Tips on Handling Christmas as an Entrepreneur

Uncategorized / December 21, 2018

Balancing work with family and downtime can be a challenge for the busy modern entrepreneur, even at the quietest of times, but during the holiday season, it can be even more of an issue. For many people, work ends when they leave the office. Christmas is a time when they can forget all about the daily grind and spend time with family and friends. For the modern entrepreneur, this is not always the case. Justin Cobb knows that the struggle for success doesn’t stop when you walk away from your desk.

Life can’t be all about work, and it’s important to take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Otherwise, what is it all for? That’s why Justin Cobb takes time to make sure the holiday season is handled in the right way. He gave us some top tips for handling Christmas and the surrounding weeks as a modern entrepreneur.

Shop Early and Get Prepared

The Christmas week itself is always busy, and often you will want to spend the entire time with family. Start shopping online when you have the free time, and preparing and wrapping presents, even from early November. Then there will be no last minute rush to get ready, and you can focus on family.

Get Up Before Everyone Else

Since you’ll probably be reducing your workload for Christmas, why not get up early and get as much as you can do before anyone else even wakes. Then by the time you need to worry about it, it will already be done.

Schedule Communication

Emails and social media posts can be scheduled these days, so there’s no reason to wait until you need to send them. Queue up all your communications for when they need to go out, and then switch off that phone and laptop. If it’s impossible to do that, then at least silence them, and limit checking them to every hour or two. You don’t want to spend Christmas staring at your phone.

Do Nothing

No matter what you do, at Christmas, you should set aside some time to relax and do nothing at all. Whether it is watching a Christmas movie with the family, or just taking time to reflect on the year and think about the progress you have made. Don’t get too caught up in the whirlwind and forget to take a moment to just take it all in.


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