Justin Cobb Consults With British Business Partners As Business Is Thriving

Uncategorized / December 30, 2016

Justin Cobb has been spending an increasing amount of time in the UK. With the start of a ton of new campaigns in the UK Justin has been advising local entrepreneurs on testing new clients, managing expectations, not losing momentum in the holiday season and driving things forward with new 2017 goals.

For millenniums, sales and marketing experts like Justin Cobb have been traveling to meet with former and potential clients and business partners and using their direct marketing and face to face strategies to build on those relationships and improve their business strategies in order to benefit their clients. Travelling was the lifestyle of most salesman up until the early 2000’s when technology came into it’s prime, and all of a sudden the convenience of a quick phone call or being able to video call across the world using Skype was replacing old-fashioned travel. While companies saved thousands of pounds on travel costs, CEO’s like Justin Cobb firmly believe that the most effective and efficient method to ensure his business partners are building the highest quality relationships with their client’s customers is to use face to face direct marketing and good old, person-to-person communication.

“Our industry has been constructed upon, and began with face to face, client to the consumer, personable relationships,” says Justin Cobb. “We know technology has evolved and became a vital asset to our industry, and we appreciate its benefits, but personally our strengths lie with our reputable face to face and direct marketing strategies, which is why our clients favor and choose to work with us. We work harder than any indirect marketing firm, and because of that, our customer retention is of the highest caliber. We are robust and determined individuals because of our methods.”

Justin Cobb will continue to travel on business throughout the new year, and because of the lengths he goes to make personal visits, his enterprise will continue to soar to great lengths.


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