Justin Cobb Talks About Using The New Year To Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

Uncategorized / January 6, 2017


We all know that our comfort zones are to blame for keeping us from reaching our potential, but the funny fact is you are the reason you were ever in your comfort zone, to begin with, and only you can get yourself out of it. Nobody else can navigate you away from it, only the choices that you make will set you free. Entrepreneur and businessman Justin Cobb frequently discuss the subject of comfort zones when public speaking and when mentoring his business partners across the globe, especially during the new year when people want to make serious lifestyle and career changes. Justin Cobb shares why he firmly believes that every act of courage starts from outside of our comfort zones.


“Living within your comfort zones will restrict you from pushing boundaries and achieving beyond your believed potential. The new year is a suitable time to let yourself explore outside of your comfort zone as your motivation to make changes will encourage you to set yourself the task of trying something new and out of the normal, at least once a week or even once a day” explains Justin Cobb. By allowing a new accomplishment into every day, you will benefit by becoming stronger in many different areas, such as your career, your relationships, and your lifestyle. As well the excitement and thrill of overcoming a fear or something you didn’t feel you were confident enough to achieve will fill you with motivation and excitement to pursue new things more often. This will create good habits, and you will find yourself constantly progressing in areas of your life that you couldn’t believe when you were confined to your comfort zone.


Justin Cobb for years now has been guiding and mentoring professional entrepreneurs through the struggles and the successes of their careers, and he has been there through the fear of failure and the regret of listening to that fear and then missing out. He understands that at times tasks may appear overwhelming and challenging and that it may feel safer doing what feels comfortable, but he promises that if you go into the new year and challenge your comfort zone, you will realize that you are capable of more than you once thought.



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