Justin Cobb Covers Recruitment Strategies For The Upcoming Year

Justin Cobb News / Review / Travel / January 15, 2018

Recruitment apps are placing jobs at our fingertips (literally), apps like LinkedIn Recruiter, The Undercover Recruiter, Instajob, Interview Assistant and many more, make the hiring process smooth for applicants and employers. Justin Cobb, appreciates just how competitive the job market is, it’s cut throat and harsh at the best of times, but it’s worth so much, in the end, hiring is as much of a necessity as it is a great reward. Justin regularly consults his business partners and mentees on their recruitment strategies, as this is an integral part of their businesses.

“More and more recruiters are channeling LinkedIn for their recruiting needs. As a company, you should build a strong LinkedIn profile, presenting your company as professionals and industry experts. As well as using formal language to present your qualifications and achievements, you should regularly post content that’s candidate friendly” Justin Cobb Explains. “Viewers and possible applicants like to see regular activity, especially relatable content that speaks to them — unlike black and white jargon — colorful and friendly content creates likeability factor. This is very important when candidates are considering becoming part of your team.

Justin Cobb regularly covers the current standards in recruitment with his mentee’s, it’s important to evaluate what trends are currently being utilized, and whether they will or won’t continue to grow going forward into the new year. Figuring this out early and being prepared to use the right hiring tools in the new year puts you one step ahead of the rest. “The recruitment world develops rapidly, we have to keep up with the constant adjustments and trends, as do any businesses who want to attract the latest and greatest generation of millennials. With virtual tools being continuously developed to make the hiring process easier for on-the-go graduates, the old-fashioned hiring processes are dying out. We cannot afford to get comfortable in a world where digital resources are improving rapidly, and we have to keep moving forward and remain ahead of our competition. This is why regular recruitment workshops are vital, as we can compare figures, statistics and generate ideas as an organization” explains Justin Cobb.


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