Justin Cobb On Twenty Seventeen; and How He Made It, His Year!

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Each year when the beginning of a new year presents itself, entrepreneur and father, Justin Cobb reflects on what another year has meant in his personal growth as well as in his business growth. Justin Cobb knows the value of taking time to reflect on how far he has come, yet seeing every micro goal as a step in the right direction to ultimate success.

Having been a strong business owner for a number of years now, Justin Cobb recognizes that there is no disconnection between his personal ambitions and his business goals. “You have to become the role. You cannot be a cab driver and dream about becoming an NBA athlete, or an accountant who only thinks about becoming a pastry chef. You have to become the role in life, to be successful in the career you dream of. Personally, I had a dream to become the CEO of my own firm. So with my natural passion for sales and coaching and development, combined with my physical efforts to approach and network with professionals in the business at industry events, I put myself on the right road to opening doors to a career in this very field” Justin Cobb explains.

Justin Cobb knows that there will always be obstacles along the way, no matter how much commitment you give, there will always be variables waiting to throw you a curveball, but he tries to not let those little setbacks along the way color his view of the future. Justin Cobb knows that everyone experiences a hiccup from time to time and he has learned not to dwell on those. Rather, he says that he honestly analyzes the situation and formulates a plan to improve on what it is that went wrong. “If you are going to reflect on how far you’ve come, you also need to be willing to look at those things you could have done better,” says Justin Cobb.

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