Justin Cobb Creates Internal Video Sharing Site for Company

Justin Cobb News / Technology / September 14, 2018

Entrepreneur Justin Cobb has worked hard over the last several months to develop and roll out a video sharing site for internal use in his organisation. Staff and business owners are able to watch and comment on videos of meetings and informative updates from clients, to keep abreast of new industry developments.

For a modern entrepreneur, life can move at an extremely fast pace. With long periods of time spent travelling, it can sometimes be hard to keep in touch with your team or to get information out across your company. Many corporations have developed their own intranet, with information and updates about internal company happenings. However, with technology moving so quickly, these can often seem outdated or complicated to navigate.

Justin Cobb decided that a more modern approach was needed, and sat down with a team of experts to come up with an idea to streamline the information that his business shares amongst employees. After realizing that most of their communication was handled through meetings and talks at conferences, Justin landed on the idea of recording and uploading all these meetings to a central site.

The site in question now holds hundreds of videos of internal meetings and talks on a variety of topics, offering ongoing training and development on demand for all employees. Often, in an organisation with hundreds of staff, a meeting is only attended by a fraction of those staff. Then the information is shared through word of mouth or further meetings. The benefits of having all your people being able to access meetings directly are incredible.

With the decreasing cost of new technologies and even more access to tools previously only available to the very tech-savvy, entrepreneurs are able to harness the power of the internet and social sharing to great benefit. As a modern entrepreneur, Justin Cobb knows that it’s these kinds of technologies that will create paradigm shifts in his business.


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