A Quick Productivity Booster from Justin Cobb

Business / September 21, 2018

Everyone wants to know how to be more productive on a daily basis, but despite the huge demand for information on this topic, most of the tips you’ll encounter seem to be generic, rehashed clichés that are either extremely obvious or barely effective. Justin Cobb, a world-renowned entrepreneur and speaker, recently sat down to share some lesser-known productivity tips that can be applied in any business model to provide a quick boost in output.

“The first thing everyone should be doing to increase productivity in their spare time is listening to audiobooks and podcasts. These can be educational, motivational, or even just simple meditation tapes. The best time to do this is when you’re commuting to and from work, as it helps you put your goals into perspective and reflect on the important things in your life,” said Justin Cobb.

“Pre-work exercise is another one that I recommend to all of the people I work with at my own companies, as it helps to stimulate your creativity and improve problem-solving skills. Many people will recommend exercising in the evenings, but it works better when you do it before work. If you have a job that keeps you sedentary for long stretches, it’s a good idea to utilize your break do some walking or other light cardio before returning to your desk.”

Justin Cobb is no stranger to productivity, having spearheaded several major marketing agencies and consulted for companies of all shapes and sizes. Discipline and time-tracking are two key concepts that he apparently relied upon when getting his own companies going. “Launching and managing my own companies has taught me the importance of accurate and stringent scheduling.”

“As odd as it seems, relaxing is actually one of the best ways to bring your productivity and creativity to new levels. When you’re always stressed about working on a project, it’s hard to get truly excited about solving problems and finishing tasks. Stepping away from the bustle long enough to enjoy yourself can help you come back with a fresh slate and renewed enthusiasm,” said Justin. He noted that achieving a consistent and even work-life balance was one of the biggest yet most fulfilling challenges that he faced when bringing his own companies into existence.

Although this short productivity booster is by no means an all-inclusive list, you can gain a lot just by utilizing the tips suggested above – listening to podcasts/audiobooks, exercising before work, strict scheduling, and relaxing frequently during off-time.


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