Justin Cobb Discusses Finding and Activating Your Full Potential

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When we talk about reaching our full potential it is often misjudged as being a temporary concept instead of a long-term objective, it’s important that as we embark on this journey, we understand that in order to hit one’s full potential, it’s a life long goal, it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s a process, and you’ve got to be excited about learning.

Justin Cobb has years of experience training and mentoring his business partners throughout their professional careers and on their journeys to unveiling their absolute potential, and activating those actions and creating lifelong habits to maintain and increase their personal greatness. Justin says “Once we understand and accept the longevity of this task, we then have to set the goal, plan how we the steps to getting there, the habits we want to create, the boundaries we will break and above all else, we must remain optimistic and always be thinking big.” Being visual creatures, we write down goals, this process allows us to create a detailed and efficient plan, in order to fulfil our full potential.

Secondly, knowing you can do more and be better is easily thought about, but the correct actions are harder to put in if you do not have somebody to look up to, copy or find inspiration from. Justin Cobb says when finding the right role models, mentors, and coaches, it’s important to be selective during this process, you should share similar values and goals. As well, the environments you put yourself in will make all the difference, as they could be damaging or empowering. As products of our environment, we have to be tactile and be making sure that our environments are conducive and will enable us to hit our full potential.

The smartest person in the room will not always have the most potential, because if there are people in the same room who have less knowledge but have a bigger drive and a bigger ambition, then what they perceive to be possible, will be considerably bigger compared, and that will push them towards their full potential. More importantly, when you’re getting yourself around people like this, you’re opening up your mind up to a whole new world of possibilities for yourself, you’ll find less excuses to not be better, and you’ll just start doing it.

Justin Cobb believes that dead end thinking is what prevents people from activating their full potential, “They waste precious time putting in the actions of the person they are now instead of putting in the actions of the person who they want to become. If you want to be a business owner you should be putting in the actions every day that a business owner would, ask yourself; do you have the same drive as them, the right attitude, are you educating yourself in the same way as them. You shouldn’t be doing everything day to day just for the role that you are in, but instead, start thinking like you would if you were in the role you desire.”


Justin Cobb closes with some brilliant advice, “Do not get distracted by trying to change the person you are now, but start becoming the person who you want to be.”


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