Justin Cobb Shares His Methods To Successfully Nurturing and Mentoring Visionaries

Uncategorized / July 8, 2017

As leaders we plant those seeds that grow from ideas and blossom into visions and success, however it is through constant guidance and setting the right example to our mentees that pushes them to flourish. Justin Cobb understands that In order to stay ahead of any competition, it is important to encourage visionaries and their creative ideas, to direct them along the right course to making them a reality.

Committed to supporting, coaching and encouraging his business partners across the globe, Justin helps them to improve and learn as professionals and individuals, Justin Cobb has always invested his every effort into encouraging their visions and turning them into realities.

He does this through several methods, the first is networking, setting up get togethers, meetings and events where his mentees can meet and connect with likeminded individuals who share similar goals and skillsets. As well, Justin will introduce them to professionals who have the knowledge and experience that his mentee may lack and would benefit from utilizing this person’s skillsets to grow their ideas.

As well as networking, Justin Cobb also implements healthy competition into his mentees development and training, by enforcing regular competitions for prizes and rewards, they become excited and aggressive about pursuing their goals, before their competitors do. Competition is proven to encourage innovation and push individuals to challenge themselves from within, to be better, perform stronger and build towards reaching their best potential. Having a reward in sight, making accomplishments or breaking a personal best encourages people to focus on the task at hand that will result in earning the things that they want. By encouraging a competitive environment, Justin Cobb gives his mentees the opportunity to nurture their ideas and achieve their goals bit by bit, and takes them on a journey that leads them to successfully see their ideas blossom into tangible businesses.


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