Justin Cobb on the Advantages of Mastering Instagram for Business

Uncategorized / June 21, 2016

We have all heard of Instagram and most of us reading this, i’m sure, are already Insta-savvy. Justin Cobb looks into the advantages of using Instagram as a professional platform to promote and drive brand awareness for your business.

Instagram is an app for smartphones that allows users to edit and upload photos they’ve taken or found on the internet, and then share them with their followers. Much like Twitter and Facebook, users can connect and follow accounts of their choosing, they can comment on and ‘like’ images uploaded by them.

Justin Cobb let’s us in on his secret ‘Insta’ hacks and shares with us the benefits of doing business through Instagram. Not only known for it’s image based enhancing wizardry and making the average joe seem like a pro, businesses using Instagram can also benefit from:

– Networking opportunities
– Brand Awareness
– Recruitment

Now that Instagram has over 300 million monthly users, specializing in outsourced marketing, Justin Cobb has mastered his Instagram game, reaching more than an impressive 1,600 followers to date.

The key to achieving and maintaining this growth is to stay recognizable, your Instagram username should be the title which your company goes by, so that you are a clear representative of your business and so that potential followers can find you. Include a concise description of your business moto, to grab the attention of Instagramers.

Since launching his Instagram page, Justin Cobb has seen a steep increase in followers from individuals who have viewed his website, “Viewers who have been following my posts on Instagram have a more indepth and personal insight into my business” Justin explains. Justin posts photographs from his life captioned with encouraging and motivational quotes, his team and partners all feature.

Many businesses use Instagram to promote events, using geo-tags to share the location and invite followers who are near the area. Justin Cobb has been tapping into the ‘Instameet’ strategy, relating to Instagrammers behind company values, they do this by posting photos of their team building activities and get-togethers, followed by a personalized description in the caption. The majority of posts include at least one hashtag, but be mindful to not go overboard on one post. Justin Cobb advises, too many hashtags can loose engagement as the post can look cluttered and risks coming off brash. “Choose your top five hashtags to boost your post, keep it fresh and interesting, and avoid a salesy approach”.
Brainstorm keywords and phrases relevant to your brand.
Research popular and trending hashtags.
Carefully selecting the most fitting hashtags for your business means your preferred audience will be most likely to engage and find your posts when browsing, this increases networking, brand awareness and recruitment.

Justin Cobb frequently posts inspirational material to inspire and captivate his audience, “My business is built upon successful, hard working and positive minded entrepreneurs. I understand and promote positive expression and motivational quotes which myself and my team live by. These posts catch the attention of entrepreneurs who relate to our business and we also gain attention from other networks within the same industry”, Justin Cobb explains. In marketing terms, by presenting the culture and lifestyle that surrounds your business, you are strengthening your brand equity.

Instagram has many other tools and uses than those that we have discussed, the platform continues to be bigger than it’s competitors, Twitter and Pinterest. Remember, do not let your Instagram plateau, the point is to keep attracting new followers, the only way to continue optimizing your Instagram and maintain growth is to take the time to analyze your successes, research your audience, and repeat the content that’s working for you.

Here is the link you have been waiting for, follow Justin Cobb Academy here at #justincobbacadamy.


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