Justin Cobb Discusses the Importance of Disregarding Selfishness in Business Decision Making

Uncategorized / October 26, 2015

Many business people are judged not only by the performance of their companies, but by the effects of the decisions that they make. Justin Cobb, who founded mentoring business Justin Cobb Academy, is an entrepreneur who has a great reputation within the mentoring and direct marketing spheres as a good decision maker, and here, he reveals to us what he thinks is one of the key principles of making strong, effective business decisions: looking at how your decisions fit in with other people’s goals.

“Many people fall down when it comes to making the best decisions in business, because they don’t think about the goals of everybody else who will be impacted. It can seem like the logical way to approach things that come down to your own decisions is to look at your own goals and your business’ goals and work to find the optimal decision to help you reach them, but actually, that is just part of it. The best decisions impact a lot of people positively, and this in turn feeds back to helping you.”

It may seem obvious that you should consider everybody your decisions will affect, but if that was the case, people wouldn’t make bad decisions or be asking successful entrepreneurs like Justin Cobb what the secret to good decision making is.

“Nothing in business is ever as obvious as it seems – things that appear obvious to one person only do because that person is on the right end of the experience that taught them the lesson. It is a fact that a lot of managers and business owners do make selfish decisions without even knowing they are doing it, and this is something that they will see cause them problems. Decision making is hard, but it is something every leader has to do. The real lesson here is that to be a good leader, you have to know and consider the goals of everybody your work touches.”

Justin Cobb is no stranger to considering other people’s goals, as a large part of his success is down to being able to help other people reach theirs through his coaching and mentoring. However, even if your business isn’t dedicated to helping people, you can still find your decisions come more easily and yield better results when you take an approach that considers everybody.


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