Justin Cobb Talks about His Recent Expansion into the Atlanta Market

Global / November 6, 2015

As an entrepreneur and renowned public speaker, Justin Cobb is often asked about his latest endeavors. Within the past few months Justin Cobb has expanded once again into the Atlanta market area and no matter where he goes is being asked, “How is Atlanta going for you Justin?” His answer is just what could be expected of a marketing pro with his credentials!

“I am finding that Atlanta is an exciting market to be working in. Of course there will always be difficulties in broaching a new region that has a different mode of living and ways of expressing themselves that are peculiar to the region. However, I embrace this challenge because it gives me a new perspective on the human psyche. Direct sales means that you get to go one on one with the people of the region and to me, it is an opportunity for personal as well as business growth.”

Although marketing principles are standard wherever you go, regional dialects and customs can impact the way you promote a product or brand. What works in one market may not work in the next and for Justin Cobb, this is a challenge that he has met head on time and time again. However, Atlanta is not really a new market to Justin as he is well acquainted with the inner workings of this major metropolitan market.

Justin Cobb is probably one of the most energetic public speakers and direct marketing entrepreneurs you’re likely to run across, so expanding into Atlanta gives him an opportunity to bring his brand of excitement into a new market for his clients. “Having worked with the amazing people in Atlanta in the past gives me an advantage when bringing my clients’ brands to a new market for them. How is Atlanta going? It’s going even better than expected! By the day we are reaching an ever growing customer base for our clients and are gaining new clientele along the way as well.”

Justin Cobb admits that he loves Atlanta and the southern hospitality that the city is so well known for. Even though he is continually expanding into new and ever-growing markets across the country, Atlanta will always hold a special place in his heart. With his experience and expertise, it won’t be long before he will own this market like he has every city he’s landed in to date. It’s just a matter of time.


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