Justin Cobb Encourages In House Competitions and Rewards

Uncategorized / February 15, 2018

Direct marketing expert and entrepreneur Justin Cobb, works in a fast-paced and an excitingly competitive industry, he often tells us how he boosts morale and passion for winning with regular competitions and rewards amongst his business partners and clients.

Based in the fast-paced city of New York, Justin Cobb works in an upbeat and vigorous environment, working extremely hard, him and his business mentees enjoy a bit of healthy competition amongst themselves. “I am always rewarding individuals for the incredible job they do, but they always prefer to compete against each other for the prize, they like to beat each other and earn their rewards in a fun way”, says Justin Cobb.

Healthy competition drives the team and gives them something to look forward to, “the competitions are a bit of fun for everyone, quite often the group will choose someone to compete against, set the rules and we provide the prize. It’s a great way for the team to bond and it stimulates motivation and excitement” explains Justin Cobb.

Previously Justin Cobb has run competitions for invitations to attend industry galas, to win bonuses and he often throws in all paid for, trips across America. On a lighter scale, the team enjoy harmless forfeits, where the loser has to buy the winner dinner. “Our team like to feel the satisfaction of working for and earning the reward themselves, the feeling of winning and accomplishment, it makes everybody closer and encourages fun amongst the group. Having fun in the workplace has a positive effect on the performance of everybody, as they have a much more positive attitude and passion towards their work” says Corona.

The next competition Justin Cobb will be running, will be a big one, keep an eye out for it as we will be writing all about the fun they’re having at work.


Photo by Sebastian Voortman from Pexels


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