Justin Cobb Reviews Face To Face VS Online, Communication

Uncategorized / February 20, 2018


Texting, emailing and all other online messaging platforms may be having a more significant influence on our communication skills than we have ever noticed. Our methods of communicating with each other have changed, this is down to the ever-increasing computer power and faster processing speeds and convenience that instant messaging offers. Justin Cobb is a specialist and experienced salesman, with the natural ability to engage confidently in face to face conversations. However, he admits to using emails and apps like WhatsApp to conduct negotiations in the workplace. Justin Cobb reviews the differences between using old school face to face communication compared to modern online techniques.


Emails have become an accepted, even expected method of conversing and discussing work and it’s now hard to imagine a business operating without them. Nevertheless, traditional face to face communication is still the bread and butter of Justin Cobb’s elite sales and marketing organization and is still as valid and useful as ever before. “Emails are certainly quick and efficient, but there’s always the danger that they get lost in the ‘noise’ that everyday life and business brings”, says Justin Cobb. “Emails can easily remain unread, even when they contain important information. That’s just one of the advantages that face to face communication brings. It’s direct, personal, welcomed, and the message is sure to be received.”


While online communication has made it possible to attend online meetings, and workshops, the most powerful, most useful, and longest lasting business relationships have come from face to face meetings. Whether that’s with clients, business partners and most importantly, your customers, consumers can learn much more about your products or services from communicating to a representative in person than they ever can from looking at promotion emails or websites. Although online messaging can sometimes be time-saving and convenient, the best way best to build rapport and set firm foundations for long-lasting and trusting relationships is still black and white, face to face communication techniques.


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