Justin Cobb on Entrepreneurs Getting a College Degree

Uncategorized / November 30, 2018

This topic has been a hot topic of debate for a while now. Some people on the side of getting a degree and finishing college and others saying that it is just a waste of time and that young people could become more productive leaving college out of their lives altogether. So, is getting a college degree a “Yea” or “Nay” in entrepreneurship? Here are some points from Justin Cobb to consider:

Yea (Pros of Getting a College Degree)

Learn the basics

While you can also learn the basics even when not in school, going to school and getting a degree will help you in learning the basics the right way and maybe the faster way as compared to not knowing where to start from the get-go.

Builds a favorable impression easier

People with a college degree seem to have that instant favorable impression on them. This is not to say that those who did not go to college do not have favorable impressions, it is just that even without saying anything, people are conditioned to favor easily those who have college degrees.

Nay (Cons of Getting a College Degree)

Saves you from the entire college loan you need to pay later

Getting a degree in college is not cheap. It is VERY expensive. At times, people may need to depend on college loans just to get through and graduate. These college loans usually take years, hopefully not decades, to pay after graduation. This means fewer funds for you to work on if you plan to start on a new business online or offline.

Fewer responsibilities to deal with

Starting off your entrepreneurial career path early will help you focus better on your business since you have fewer responsibilities to deal with. Young adults are less likely to have auto and home loans as well as no familial or spousal responsibilities. You can even self-study the basics you need and more during your free time through accessible information online.

Basically, you will also want to consider some factors so you can know whether you need to go to college to be an entrepreneur or not. Ask yourself what type of business you want to grow. If it is one that is based on professional career or service, a degree is a must – no doubt, but with other kinds, you will be able to learn stuff through real-life experience. Are you looking to learn the ropes of other business basics like marketing and accounting? You can learn these with a 4-year course or you can also learn them through online courses. Just make sure to find mentors who are experts in the field. Each situation is different. You just need to carefully consider your options as well as decide carefully so you will be able to make the most out of your time, money, and business ideas.


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