Justin Cobb on Ways to Make Your Online Business Look Big

Business / November 23, 2018

Justin Cobb knows that many online businesses, especially those founded by startups, may face some issues due to the size of their business or their maturity in terms of experience. Clients and customers may not be too trusting of your online business just because of this. You may even experience how difficult it is to make your target market listen or see what you want to say and show them.

This happens mainly because it is innate in people to think that a business’ size is directly related to the cost and quality of the product or service they offer as well as their reliability. People often think that if an online business does not have many hired employees, they are not legitimate or professional. That said, there are ways on how you can make your online business look bigger so your target clients and customers can get past the innate conditioning they have. Here are some of them:

Using email addresses that are domain-specific

Since you are operating an online business, it is imperative that you have a website that basically presents your business to your target audience. That is really good. Then, you also have an email address that where your target audience can reach you should they have questions. That is also wise. However, many entrepreneurs make a mistake right at this point. Generic emails are still being used. Generic email addresses like Yahoo or Gmail email addresses. This will make your online business lose a brownie point for professionalism. In order to make your online business look legit and big, spend some dollars monthly and get a domain-specific email address. Avoid using “” instead use “”.

Professional branding materials are a must

Professional branding materials are a must if you want to make your online business appear bigger than it really is. Branding materials are a great investment especially in building your online presence. Professional branding materials include high-quality images, a good logo, professionally made business cards, presentation materials, letterheads, signs, and banners. These also come inexpensively so they will not chip off your marketing budget too much.

Start building up a following on your social media accounts

While you are at it, you will also want to start building some traction in terms of “following” on your social media accounts. Usually, people tend to become skeptical if they see that you have few people following you on your social media accounts, but if you have thousands of followers, you will be taken seriously by your potential clients.


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