Justin Cobb Explains How to Find the Right Office Space

Uncategorized / March 8, 2015

A great business needs great premises, but finding the perfect office can be more difficult than you think. When businesses are in the start up phase, many entrepreneurs work from home, but as the business expands, especially when staff are taken on, a more fitting solution has to be found. Often, the entrepreneur will try to find their new office space on their own, but as a recent article in Entrepreneur magazine pointed out, there is often a better way. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the article, and reveals how he himself has found new business premises recently.

“This article has some excellent tips for entrepreneurs who are looking for office space, and it’s something that they all have to do from time to time”, said entrepreneur and public speaker Justin Cobb. “It’s something that I’ve experienced very recently, as my business has relocated to New York. It was crucial to find the right office space, and I’m glad to say that with some expert help I managed it.”

Entrepreneurs are used to taking charge in their business, and making the big decisions on their own. They take that attitude into the search for office space, but it can cost them time and money. It can pay dividends to use the services of an office space expert who can find the perfect location based on what you really need. Their broker fees can pale into insignificance compared to the savings that they bring, and the increased efficiency and productivity.

It never pays to select the first property you see, so several properties may have to be viewed. These viewings may have to take place during office hours, taking you away from running your business. Hiring office space can also be quite complex, especially to those who have never done it before. A broker can help everything run smoothly, from the moment you look at the first office, to the moment that your business moves in.

“Like all important things, it’s worth taking the time to make the right decision when choosing business premises or office space”, said Justin Cobb. “It’s also a task that can be helped immeasurably by getting help from a specialist. Entrepreneurs can outsource many areas of their operations, giving them time to concentrate on the overall running of their business.

Entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic have benefited from the entrepreneurial expertise, and the motivational talks, of Justin Cobb.


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